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Helen Quick 

Key Information 
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Reading books changed 
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Reading books changed
Autumn 2 
We have been learning about events beyond living memory, such as The Gunpowder Plot and The Great Fire of London. We used stories and actually sources from the times to look at the sequence of events during Tudor times. We also learned about the life of Guy Fawkes and Samuel Pepys.
Our Main Topic Question 2021-22





1st half term

Y1/2 - Why are humans not like tigers?
Rec - Are all animals the same?

Y1/2 - What would Traction Man use to build our school?  

Rec - What are things made from?

Y1/2 - How quickly do plants grow?

Rec - What grows in my garden?

Y1/2 - Would the Beatles have won X factor?

Rec – Who do I know that’s famous?

2nd half term

Y1/2 Why did the Great Fire of London start?

Rec - What do we mean by ‘a long time ago’?

Y1/2 - Where would you prefer to live: England or Kenya?

Rec - What do we know about African animals?

Y1/2 - Why do we love to be beside the seaside?

Rec - Why do we take a bucket and spade to the seaside?