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Key Information 
Monday - Friday
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Library time
REC - Y2 PE with a coach
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Our Main Topic Questions 2022-23





1st half term

History focus

Y1/2 - Are iPads more fun than your grandparents’ toys?

Rec - What toys did your grandma and grandad play with?

Science focus

Y1/2 - Why would a dinosaur not make a good pet? 

Rec - What do I know about dinosaurs?

Science Focus

Y1/2 - Which plants and animals would Evie find in our Park?

Rec - What are plants and animals called?

2nd half term

Science focus

Rec/Y1/2 Why are there so many leaves on the floor?

Geography focus

Y1/2 - Why can't meerkats live in the south pole?

Rec - Why do we go to hot places for our holidays?

History focus

Y1/2 - What were the people who lived in our village like 100 years ago?

Rec - What can we find out about where we live?

Autumn 2
We will complete our learning about historical changes within living memory. Then we will shift to a science focus relating to seasonal changes and weather. We will be working scientifically to ask simple scientific questions and collect simple data, using simple equipment to make observations and carry out simple tests.
We will be using stories, non-fiction texts and  noticing in the natural environment around and beyond our school.
By the end of this unit pupils should know..
  • know the names and characteristics of each season
  • know about the weather associated with each season
  • know about and observe the changes in the seasons.
  • Know some the more familiar symbols associated with weather maps
Autumn 1 
We will be learning about changes within living memory, how life has changed for children in recent history. We will also learn about how technology has developed and changed aspects for daily life.
We will be using stories, non-fiction texts and actual sources from the last 50+ years .  
By the end of this unit what should pupils know..
  • about the games and toys their grandparents played with
  • what toys their grandparents would have played with
  • about what life was like at the time their grandparents were young
  • what schools were like when their grandparents attended primary school
  • what their grandparents watched on television
  • what their grandparents did after school