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Hello everyone, 
We have enjoyed following the Music menu in school in the past week and there was  lots of different kinds of music being played throughout the school. It cheered us up with all the wet, miserable weather. We hope you had fun with your learning at home too!
There is a slight change from previous weeks as our learning menu will now cover two week. Have listened to comments from parents and having worked with the learning menus in school, it was decided to extend over two weeks so that more of the content could be covered and enjoyed. 
On Friday, we made available the next Home learning pack which included  Space related activities as well as maths, phonics and reading tasks. If you did not collect your child's pack, please contact the office to arrange collection. If you child is attending school, we will be covering most of the learning in class and they will keep they Learning pack in class. Although the 2Dos on Purplemash will still be available for them to complete.
Look on Sharing/Shared/Blogs to find links to the activities you can try this week and there are some 2Dos to complete. Please note there are separate home Learning Menus for Reception and Year 1 - however you can choose to do activities from either.
Let hope the sun shines more this week!
Mrs Quick
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Why is some text in blue and some in purple?
The blue text in the Home Learning Menu is a hyperlink which will take you directly to a website (game/video) or document to access an activity. 
The purple text is directing you to Purplemash and if you follow the route you'll arrive at the task. For example to find 2Do Bond Bubble we would use an algorithm (set of instructions)
  • login to Purplemash
  • click the red 2Do tab at the top left-hand side of the home page
  • scroll down the drop down menu and find the activity
  • click the GO TO button and read or listen to the instructions
  • once completed don't forget to save and hand in 
How do I decide which activity my child should attempt?
In Robins we use a challenge system for the children to decide which activity they think they can achieve, with Mild being the easier activity (aimed at Rec), Spicy for all Year 1 and some Reception children who like a challenge and then Hot is aimed at most of the Year 1s.
If your child is struggling try an alternative activity and it really doesn't matter if they don't complete a task. On the other hand if they are whizzing through an activity, suggest they try a harder challenge.
How can I share the work my child has done?
There are several ways to share your child's learning.
  • When doing 2Dos in Purplemash your child can save their work and it will automatically go into their folder - to view it again, go to the orange WORK tab.
  • Documents, video, audio clips and photos can also be 'uploaded' in the WORK area of Purplemash.
  • Record learning in the green learning journal provided in the home learning pack, for sharing on return to school.
  • Take a photo of a completed activity or make a video and email it to