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Mrs Quick - Class teacher

Mrs Holt  - Teaching Assistant  

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We are here to support you and your child on their special journey to achieve their very best.

On our page you will find information about what we have been learning and should you need to carry out any learning from home, this is where you'll find everything you will need. 

As parents are not allowed inside our classroom at the moment, please send me an email or contact the school office to leave a message if you need to talk to me for any reason.

Many Thanks.

Helen Quick 


Key Information
PE with Derby County coaches
Reading books changed and sent home
Tuesday PE with Matlock Cricket coach
Forest school - 1 hour every afternoon, Y1/2 split groups alternate weeks
Drama session for Y1 and Y2 with Jo Shannon
Tuckshop day - 20p
Reading books returned 
Homework pack to be returned and sent home

We have compiled a list of links to online activities and to ideas for craft activities and printable pages. It is important to ensure there is a balance between online activities and practical activities as these will develop your child’s fine motor and creative skills in ways a computer or iPad cannot!

Reception and Year 1 websites and links, to enable learning to be completed at home.


  • Mr Thorne does Phonics  - video clips to support phonics
  • The Alphablocks are living letters who appear in wonderful videos to help your children learn about phonics and develop their reading skills.


  • The Numberblocks  has lots of great videos to help younger children learn about numbers, addition and subtraction.
  • The Numberjacks are a group of superhero numbers who appear in educational videos that cover thinking skills, problem solving and maths.
  • The Singing Walrus has lots of songs to teach children about numbers and counting.

Additional Early Years of Home Learning Resources

Reception resources

Year 1 resources

year 1 home learning pack.pdf

year 1 practical ideas.pdf

year 1 reading revision activity mat

common exception words year 1 activity book.pdf

creative writing prompt question writing frames.pdf

Year 2 Home Learning Resources

creative writing prompt question writing frames.pdf

SATs survival year 2 reading revision activity mat pack

snakes and ladders with 2 3 and 5 times tables board game.pdf

Spot mr whoops mistakes y1 y2 common exception words.pdf

year 2 home learning pack guidance and answers.pdf

year 2 home learning pack.pdf

year 2 practical ideas.pdf

year 2 science uses of everyday materials learning from home activity booklet.pdf