Owls Home learning

Year 2 
Year 3

Why is some text in blue and some in purple?
The blue text in the Home Learning Menu is a hyperlink which will take you directly to a website (game/video) or document to access an activity. 
The purple text is directing you to Purplemash and if you follow the route you'll arrive at the task. 
How can I share the work my child has done?
There are several ways to share your child's learning.
  • In Purplemash your child can save their work and it will automatically go into their folder - to view it again, go to the orange WORK tab.
  • Documents, video, audio clips and photos can also be 'uploaded' in the WORK area of Purplemash.
  • Record learning in the green learning journal provided in the home learning pack, for sharing on return to school.
  • Take a photo of a completed activity or make a video and email it to emarshall1@cromford.derbyshire.sch.uk