photo stars_thumb_zpskaja2doo.png  photo parkingmania_thumb_zpspggzcmfa.png
Destroy the Stars by
connecting 3 or more of the
same colour
 Parking Mania
  photo snakegame_thumb_zpskufavyyy.png   photo wizzardballs_thumb_zpsycmzxlie.png  photo tomatobounce_thumb_zpslkkhnl6p.png 
 Snake Game
Play Snake solo or co-op!
 Wizard Balls
Use magic to destroy all the
 Tomato Bounce
Help the tomatoes escape the
dreaded salad !
  photo bobosnake_thumb_zpsocnyielt.png   photo marblelines_thumb_zpsnffvse8k.png   photo lander_thumb_zpsh55wyrmg.png
 Bobo Snake
Help Bobo eat the dots to grow
Marble Lines
Shoot the marbles before they
get to the end 
Mars Lander
Land the Spaceship on the
pad, but be careful... Too fast
and it'll explode!